Monitor, Analyse & Automate

Products & Services that help you know your process better with data collection & analysis and find ways to automate and boost productivity.

Enterprise IoT Platform

Build your custom solution leveraging powerful IoT Platform. Allow your customers to manage their devices with ease. Build apps with extensive REST API.

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MQTT Broker

Easy to set up enterprise MQTT Broker for small and Medium sized IoT deployments. Powerful rules engine to transform messages for effective M2M Communication.

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IoT Simulator

Simulate complex realtime scenario and large network of IoT Devices & sensors to develop, test & demonstrate realtime MQTT Application and edge devices.

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Pace DPR

Get your analysis easier and predictive with real-time production monitoring system. Understand the process by measuring OEE and increase your production efficiency.

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Our Customer Testimonials

Power Plant Monitoring

Celikler hoding, Turkey collects data from the Modbus interface at their Power Plant Console using Bevywise Gateway and accumulates it using MQTT Broker. This helps them achieve a manage from anywhere capability for the Plant engineers.


Industrial Automation

Industries have been recording data manually for centuries. With the advancement of Industy4.0, Verstran manages the complete Foundry process using the IoT Platform and their edge sensors and Gateway.


MQTTRoute in Home Security

Home Security is a greater concern. Modern homes need next generation technology to enhance security and create better living situation. Efon Technology uses MQTTroute to manage home sensors & Video surveillance.

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The tools can be customized in breadth and depth to help you automate your Home, smart manufacturing, Smart Cities , logistics, retail, Health care & more..